Water System – Training

Water System Training Courses

Our water system  provide a comprehensive range of skills and knowledge applicable to water systems, wastewater treatment and industrial stormwater management. Standard courses listed below:


Fundamentals of Water Technology

This course is an introductory water system course that covers basics of water system. The fundamentals of water technology training will cover the nature, purposes, and properties of water. This course will teach you the impacts of chemical and biological factors on the purity of water as well as identifying pollution sources and removing them. An optional 3rd day can be added for EPANET 2.0 training. Course Number: W 101

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Basics of Wastewater Treatment Processes

this course is an introduction to wastewater treatment processes that covers basics of wastewater system. We will initially discuss the microbial nature of wastewater and cover the reactions and mechanisms occurring in the wastewater system. An optional 3rd day can be added for EPANET 2.0 training. Course number: W 102

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Introduction to Industrial Stormwater Management

The introduction to industrial stormwater management is a 2-day course that will overview the potential pollutants in stormwater, available techniques to remove them, and how to prevent the runoff discharge from additional contamination. Students will learn about total suspended solids, biological oxygen demand, and nutrients in relation with stormwater management and more. An optional 3rd day can be added for SWMM5 training. Course Number: W 103

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