Oil and Gas

One energy supply ensures another. Power quality is important for safe and consistent oil and gas production. Denison Technologies’ monitoring gateways and cloud based monitoring service are ideal for remote installations like pump jacks and offshore drilling.

Remote Wellhead

Wellheads and pump jacks are frequently located in remote areas and are unmanned. The electric utility in these locations is not as robust as in urban areas. Sags, swells, harmonics and other power quality issues are more likely. Wired internet or cable networks may not be available. Some remote areas have only single phase power, requiring a phase converter to operate large motors. Phase converters are prone to unbalanced output voltages, leading to increased vibration, energy inefficiency, and decreased motor lifespan.

Wellheads typically operate continuously, 24 hours per day, and therefore are large energy consumers. Even a modest reduction in energy use may translate to a large cost reduction. Well pumps may be retrofitted with variable frequency drives for energy economizing. Motor drives have a hidden power quality cost because they are nonlinear loads. Motor drives are also susceptible to damage from power quality events. Power quality and energy monitoring is important to track energy savings progress and to protect the investment in new drives.

Power quality and energy monitoring gateways allow fully remote, real-time monitoring. The health and function of an electric motor is reflected in it's load profile. Parameters such as power factor and current are useful to evaluate the motor's load and performance. Mechanical faults in the pump are also reflected in the motor's load profile. Remote continuous monitoring allows the oilfield operator or Denison's engineering to identify problems before they become severe and costlier stoppages. Our gateways are available with waterproof and explosion proof enclosures.