Large Commercial
Good Power for Good Business

The impact of poor power quality is not exclusive to industry. Large commercial venues like universities, hotels, office buildings, apartments, stores, and stadiums can benefit from Denison Technologies’ power quality and sustainability services.

Power Quality in Large Commercial Buildings

Power quality problems are not limited to industrial plants. Large commercial buildings such as hospitals, hotels, stadiums, office buildings, and schools are also susceptible. Common symptoms of poor power in large commercial enterprises include flickering lights, frequent light bulb replacement, computer crashes, utility surcharges, false fire and burglar alarms, and unresolved tenant complaints about electrical problems.

Most of the electrical loads in large commercial buildings are nonlinear. Modern office and educational buildings rely hevily on computers. The high efficiency lighting used in large commercial is nonlinear as well - whether fluorescent, high intensity discharge, or LED. Other large nonlinear loads commonly seen in commercial buildings are laboratory and medical electronics, PA systems, stage lights, and elevator drives.

The large variety of electrical loads in commercial buildings makes it difficult to isolate power quality problems. The fault may not be with a particular device, but that the power system is not designed for today's extensive nonlinear load profile. Power quality problems may originate from a specific tenant's activities, or even be imported from the utility supply.

Building sustainability and energy efficiency are major concerns for today's builders and lessors. Denison Technologies offers complete electrical energy monitoring along with power quality solutions. Energy monitoring will identify points of high use, points of high peak demand, and areas for improvement. Power quality problems contribute to high energy consumption.

Denison Technologies' professional services are invaluable to understand your facility's exact load profile and any associated problems, or risks thereof. Denison's engineering tema can assess your building and its utilities and recommend improvements to finially fix these nagging issues. Our monitoring gateways and software are as useful for commercial clients as they are in industry. Denison Technologies is your one stop shop to improve your building's power quality, efficiency, economy, and sustainability.