Power Quality and Energy Monitoring Gateways

Industrial equipment runs best when fed quality power. The lifetime, performance, and efficiency of devices from motors to computers improves when events such as sags, harmonics, and phase imbalance are eliminated. Power quality events are a major cause of asset failure, unplanned downtime, and seemingly insignificant problems like flickering lights or crashing computers. Modern power electronics are more sensitive to power quality problems, yet are more likely to cause them. Detecting power quality events is the first step to eliminating them.

Less than 15% of industrial plants monitor their power quality. Denison Technologies offers two pre-engineered and quotable power quality and energy monitoring gateways. Markets served include all manufacturing and large commercial buildings. Denison's gateways are easy to install for rapid and cost effective monitoring, and scalable to support anything from a single machine to a global enterprise. Options are available to expand the gateways' capabilities. All gateways are UL listed and assembled by a certified fabricator.

Data captured may be monitored onsite or stored securely in the cloud. Both gateways interoperate with Denison's software dashboards for remote monitoring.Data may be encrypted using DNP3. The base model gateway uses a wired ethernet connection. Wireless connections are available options.

Denison Technologies’ pre-engineered gateways offer a simple solution for power quality and energy monitoring. The low cost G102 provides basic power and energy measurements. The advanced G202 provides additional power quality measurements and higher accuracy. Gateways ship configured for each application, are easy to install, and are UL listed.