Denison Technologies looks below the surface to find power quality solutions.

Power Quality in the Mining Industry

Reliable and high quality electric power is essential for mining. Underground mines must use electric equipment if there is not sufficient airflow to support internal combustion engines. Electric power is also essential for ventilation, lighting, and air quality monitoring. Even where internal combustion engines are feasible, many mines will use electric motors for their superior efficiency and lifecycle cost. Electric motors will not achieve their full cost advantages when run from poor quality power.

Sags, swells, and harmonic distortion all increase heat losses in electric motors. This excess heat reduces both the efficiency and lifetime of the motor. Other operations and safety critical devices, including lighting, motor drives, battery chargers, and electronic devices also lose efficiency, lifetime, or both when fed dirty power. Continuously monitoring and correcting power quality is important to minimize costs and downtime.

Mines are often located in remote areas where electric utilities are less robust. Remote grids are more susceptible to sags, swells, outages, and harmonic distortion than urban infrastructure. Backup generators may be used to compensate for weak utilities, but a are not a full solution. Backup generators are expensive to run and will not respond to the milli and microsecond events that comprise the majority of damaging voltage sags. Backup generators are themselves subject to power quality disturbances originating from the powered equipment.

Denison Technologies' solution suite can decisively isolate and remediate power quality issues in all areas of a mine. Problems may originate from the utility, the surface wiring, or in equipment in the mine itself. All monitoring gateways are available with an optional NEMA 10 enclosure for compliance with Mine Safety and Health Administration regulations. Denison's energy monitoring and professional services can advise mine operators on other ways to save energy and therefore money. Denison's software is compatible with most standard industrial protocols for use with any monitoring equipment already installed. A comprehensive power quality solution will help your mine run safely and efficiently.