Water and Wastewater

40% of water treatment cost is energy. Denison Technologies’ power and energy services will reduce these expenses and protect the assets providing this essential utility.

Power Quality in the Water and Wastewater Industry

Up to forty percent of a typical water treatment plant's operating expenses are for energy. Water is an essential utility, so any downtime is dangerous and costly. Good power quality is important to maximize uptime. Water treatment plants may contain large banks of ultraviolet lamps.

Conventional fluorescent lights are a nonlinear load and also have a low displacement power factor. The induction motors that comprise the bulk of energy consumption also have lagging power factors, and the utility surcharges will be severe given the high overall energy use.

Water and sewage plants may employ motor drives to reduce energy consumption. Nonlinear loads such as motor drives create harmonic currents, which increase heat losses elsewhere in the power system. Energy savings are therefore not fully realized unless power quality is corrected. Other power quality events such as sags will cause increased energy use along with disrupted operation. Harmonics are a
common cause of asset failure, and will cause a low distortion power factor. Utilities assess a surcharge for overall power factor, both distortion and displacement. Correcting these issues will bring the actual cost reduction closer to the theoretical cost reduction.

Denison's personnel are well versed in both power quality and energy management. Our basic pre-engineered gateways coupled with our industrial-grade energy and power quality management software application assists water and wastewater operators customized solutions from device to data to done - while protecting our most critical infrastructure and world.