Power Quality and Energy Assessments

Send us your power data and we will send you a detailed power quality report

Power Guard Snapshot Analysis

A Power Guard Snapshot Analysis from Denison Technologies monitors and analyzes your power quality and is the first step in developing an effective solution to resolve your PQ problems.


Costly equipment failures of process controllers, PLCs, adjustable speed drives, motion control systems, motors, pumps, robots, and other devices and machinery are frequently caused by the poor quality of the power coming into the plant. The problem may lie with the incoming power transmission lines or with loads added in the plant or nearby buildings from equipment like variable frequency drives, HVAC systems, LED lighting, new machines, aging equipment, networking devices, and other non-linear loads.

Collect your Data

Use your existing power monitor or a handheld analyzer

Upload to Dension

Send us the CSV output from the monitoring device

Get a Report

Receive an engineering report with steps to protect your assets


The Power Guard Snapshot Analysis is interoperable to a wide range of power monitors and power analyzers.  If  you have monitors installed, simply send us the data.

Not sure how to access the device?  We will walk you through it.

Need assistance or a device for testing? We can help with that as well.

Once you have the sample data, simply send it our way.  We will run your data through the Power Guard analytics engine, measuring against IEEE recommended practices and industry standards.  You will receive a complete health and diagnostics report with recommendations for corrective actions.



How to Send Your Data

Denison takes all precautions to insure your data is secure.  You will be provided with a link to a folder on our secure server that only you and our engineering team will have access to.

CSV files from all power monitoring devices will work with our analytics. Just collect, upload and we will turn your data into a power quality assessment report.  One-day to one-week of data is typically all that is needed for the first assessment.