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Increase Production Uptime and Reduce Costly Failures

Poor power quality can result in equipment damage, production scrap loss, and even costlier downtime. In fact, many industry experts claim 30% of production line breakdowns can be attributed to poor power quality. A single interruption power outage in the production process can be very costly, often costing millions. Denison’s Power Quality Assessment Team offers a comprehensive approach to monitor targeted equipment in real time, recommending solutions to reduce costly downtime and breakage.

Symptoms of poor power quality include sags, surges, sustained interruptions, phase shifts, and high frequency switching transients should be monitored along with other variables.

To understand the root causes of degradation in power quality, real time measurement and monitoring over, ideally, a full machine cycle is needed for machine derived power issues or an extended period of days or months to identify power supplier issues.

  • Denison’s Power Assessment Team consists of experienced engineers focused on working with customers from the initial site survey, analysis of diagrams and documents, placement of monitoring and metering equipment to collection and interpretation of real-time data required to make meaningful recommendations.
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Benefits of Power Qaulity Assessment

Benefits –

Of a Denison Power Quality Assessment:

  • Identify the root cause of electrical failures
  • Reduce costs associated with production downtime
  • Reduce added maintenance, scrap, overtime, and disposal costs
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Impact corporate sustainability goals
  • Results can have meaningful impact with ongoing energy supplier negotiations
Features of Power Qaulity Assessment

Features –

Of a Denison Power Quality Assessment:

  • Team consists of tenured industry power engineers
  • Delivery of engineering report consistent with IEEE 1159, IEEE 1346
  • Recommendations inclusive of ROI calculations
Production Disruptions due to Poor Power Quality

Case Study –

Production Disruptions due to Poor Power Quality

  • Reducing Operational Disruptions in Manufacturing: A Focus on Power Quality and Data Analytics
  • Industry: Pulp and Paper


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