Power quality is a challenge for industrial facilities.
Power quality issues are normally hidden from the plant information systems, but their consequences are almost obvious: plant downtime, reduced capacity, production failure/waste, equipment failure, and utility penalty. These consequences of power quality events cause significant financial impact on every industrial plant.

With the automation of plants and the application of more nonlinear loads to facilitate the production process, power quality issues are only increasing. Many industrial facilities ignore the necessity of power quality monitoring due to the complexity of detection, analysis, and solving power quality issues, including transients, harmonics, or unbalance. In addition, detection and monitoring of power quality challenges are not a part of a normal plant information system.

Since utility companies take no responsibility for protecting industrial plants from power quality issues, it is often the plant owners who are responsible for protecting their own equipment. By understanding major power quality issues and taking actions before incidents happen, plant owners can mitigate costs and improve the reliability of their production lines.

The purpose of this white paper is to introduce you to the power quality challenges common in industrial facilities, their adverse effects on power apparatus and industrial plant equipment, and the possible approaches to mitigate these issues. Available here: