Power Quality (PQ) anomalies can be highly complex and difficult to diagnose.

A PowerGuard Snapshot Analysis from Denison Technologies monitors and analyzes your power quality and is the first step in developing an effective solution to resolve your PQ problems.

Costly equipment failures of process controllers, PLCs, adjustable speed drives, motion control systems, motors, pumps, robots, and other devices and machinery are frequently caused by the poor quality of the power coming into the plant. The problem may lie with the incoming power transmission lines or with loads added in the plant or nearby buildings from equipment like variable frequency drives, HVAC systems, LED lighting, new machines, aging equipment, networking devices, and other non-linear loads.

The cost to industrial and manufacturing operations due to poor power quality is staggering. Some calculate the cost at over $100 billion annually (Electric Power Research Institute) due to unplanned downtime, electricity costs, and equipment failure.

What contributes to poor power quality?

Most industrial equipment is designed to operate within very specific power parameters. When prolonged voltage dips and swells occur, the result can be equipment shutdowns and process outages. Additionally, many companies are installing locally generated renewable energy resources such as wind, geothermal, and solar to meet their sustainability goals. These power sources utilize switch-mode power supplies which may inject harmonics on electrical lines and degrade power quality, impacting every machine and device tied to the supply network. Facility managers often observe the impact of large harmonic currents as the network components get overloaded and cause protection devices to trip.

Poor power quality can also result from equipment operating outside of design parameters, improper grounding or routing, undersized distribution, improper shielding, lack of power factor correction, or deteriorated grounding or cable insulation. Adding to the complexity, many subtle power quality events pass through protection networks undetected.

Any of these problems put stress on the power source and may cause phase unbalance, harmonic distortion in the power signal, voltage sags and swells, and other anomalies. Correctly diagnosing and correcting your power quality issues will help reduce unplanned downtime, preserve expensive infrastructure and extend the life of your equipment.

Are you monitoring your power?

Power quality monitoring can help identify sources of disturbances, provide protection to equipment and help to identify mitigation techniques to improve power quality. Unfortunately, most factories and plants with industrial automation do not have a power expert in-house, and less than 15% of plants are actually monitoring their power.

With the Power Guard™ Snapshot Analysis, Denison Technologies gets to the source of your power problem. We analyze the data from your power monitor or a handheld power analyzer with our Power Guard analytics engine, and measure it against IEEE recommended practices and industry standards. Then we send you a complete health and diagnostics report with recommendations for corrective actions to protect your assets.

The Power Guard Snapshot Analysis is interoperable to a wide range of power monitors and power analyzers. If you have a power monitor installed, simply send us the data. If you're not sure how to access the device, or if you need a device for testing, we're happy to help.

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How to Send us Your Power Data

Denison takes all precautions to ensure your data is secure. You will be provided with a secure link to our server that only you and our engineering team have access to.

CSV files from any power monitoring device will work with our Power Guard analytics engine. Just collect 1 day to 1 week of data, download it to a CSV file, and then upload it to our server via the secure link we provide. We'll analyze it and turn your data into a power quality assessment. 

One Platform, Connectivity to All

Denison believes in using the best of breed devices to keep your cost down. Our analytics can work with all automation and power monitoring companies, such as Siemens, ABB, Automation Direct, Beckhoff, Dranetz, Eaton, Electro Industries Gauge Tech, Emerson, Fluke, GE, Mitsubishi Electric, Opto 22, Rockwell Automation, Schneider Electric, Socomec, Yokogawa, and others.