Continuous monitoring and power quality analytics

Power quality problems cost U.S. businesses billions of dollars annually in lost revenue, unplanned downtime, scrapped product, damaged equipment, and lost data.

Although some power problems can be traced to the utility, most root problems occur from internal distribution or internal loads. The growing distribution of electronic components renders connected loads increasingly sensitive to any disturbance in the power supply - even microsecond power disturbances which happen often enough can have disastrous effects on plant equipment, productivity, and energy consumption.

Uninterrupted power is a critical parameter for the smooth operation of all connected loads and resources. But it is often difficult and sometimes impossible to determine the causes of power problems after the fact, as they frequently occur only briefly, for milliseconds or microseconds. Typically, power quality monitoring has been used for reacting to problems - using data on occurrences after the event to develop a solution - rather than creating a proactive solution. 

Continuous monitoring of power quality makes it easier to draw a relationship between an outage such as the failure of a machine and its cause. With its real time capabilities, continuous monitoring puts facilities in a proactive position by giving them the tools to increase system reliability.

Indicators of power quality problems:

  • Voltage surges or spikes
  • Voltage dips/sags
  • Under voltages
  • High-voltage spikes
  • Frequency variation
  • Power sags
  • Electrical line noise (RFI or EMI)
  • Brownouts
  • Blackouts
  • Very short interruptions
  • Long interruptions
  • Voltage Swell
  • Harmonic Distortion
  • Voltage fluctuation
  • Noise (superimposing of high frequency signals on the waveform of the power-system frequency)
  • Voltage unbalance

Power Guard Continuous Monitoring Features:

  • Interoperability

    Power Guard collects data from all standard communication protocols such as OPC, Modbus, DNP3, SNMP, and all major PLC brands and communication networks

  • Data Sharing

    Power Quality data can be shared with any system via ODBC, OPC and web services Notification: Events and alerts are sent via SMS, voice or email

  • Notification

    Events and alerts are sent via SMS, voice or email

  • KPIs

    HTML 5 dashboards deliver power quality KPIs and trends to any device, tablet or phone

  • Reporting

    Scheduled reports are automatically sent at any time interval or can be created on-demand

  • Historian

    Historical logging of data via a robust built-in historian

  • Real-time and Historical Trending

    Trend power quality as it happens or over a time period to find power quality events

  • Diagnostics

    Receive Health and Diagnostics updates via a monthly report or have a dashboard view with real-time notification 24/7

Continuous monitoring of power quality extends the life of large machines, improves operational efficiency and maintenance, ensures electrical network reliability, reduces unplanned production downtime and spare parts inventory, and contains energy costs.

Power Guard™ Continuous Monitoring from Denison Technologies is a service for ultra-precise analysis, diagnosis, and developing solutions to power quality problems. Our software delivers a flexible and scalable solution which leverages your existing network, eliminating the cost of additional servers.

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