Pennsylvania's Manufacturing Boom Needs a Silicon Valley

We know, for example, in our space, over 80 percent of manufacturing leaders prioritize delivery of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and over 60 percent are still planning and exploring their options, often not knowing where to start. It is a clear indication that IIoT adoption will require both enhancement of infrastructure, technical know-how, and external partnerships to ensure smooth functionality.
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Denison Tech IoT Devices

Peer into the Future: Our Digital Transformation Crystal Ball

“One trend to watch in 2018 is the uptake and deployment of wearables, especially devices that move far beyond simple location tracking and which can track personal health data such like body temperature, ergonomic position, and heart rate."
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A US Manufacturing Resurgence is Here!

As the economy continues to grow, the manufacturing sector is growing at an even greater rate. Universities and Tech Schools are training the next generation of the industrial workforce and they are being prepared to handle all the latest technologies.
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Dianne Denison Featured on Cover of Manufacturing Technology Insights Magazine

Leader of nationally recognized high tech firm committed to delivering comprehensive technical solutions and developments in advanced manufacturing and analytics. Passionate visionary and team leader committed to today’s manufacturing resurgence and competitiveness by designing, developing, and delivering high impact solutions.
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