Denison Technologies' real time industrial grade power quality solutions increase asset life, reduce downtime, and improve profitability.

Many power quality events are measured in milliseconds and microseconds and are often missed by plant personnel. These events stress core and costly plant assets, leading to production failures, and cost manufacturers millions per hour in unplanned downtime. 

Denison’s suite of solutions measure, analyze, and report these power events to help identify the root cause of failure and engineer a solution. Our recommendations for improving power quality have increased the useful life of costly plant assets and reduced production failures in dozens of plants. For those customers who continuously monitor power quality and energy, it's common to see a reduction in energy costs of 20 percent or more, impacting plant reliability, operations efficiency, profitability, and sustainability.

Denison Technologies' power quality solutions provide industry with a thorough analysis of their power quality and energy, reports on what causes power events, and solutions for how to correct them.

  • Analyze

    Power quality and energy issues are measured in milliseconds and microseconds and are often unseen by plant personnel. These power events lead to a reduction in asset reliability, high energy costs, and unplanned downtime. Denison Technologies is committed to improving industrial power quality and energy management, which is crucial to reliable, efficient, cost-effective operations.

  • Report

    Our Power Guard™ Snapshot Analysis gets to the root of your power quality problem and is the basis for an engineering solution to correct it. The Power Guard Snapshot Analysis is interoperable to a wide range of power monitors and power analyzers.

  • Solutions

    Energy powers opportunity and transforms industry. Denison’s award-winning, repeatable, and proven solutions suite delivers impact realized by plant floor operations, C-suite executives, and our communities. High quality power and efficient energy management are critical to ongoing plant operations, profits, and sustainability targets.